Step Down & Step Up / Booster Transformer

Step Down & Step Up / Booster Transformer Manufacturer in India

All these transformers are designed, manufactured, and supplied against the specific requirements of supply voltage for the equipment. e.g. Equipment imported from American Countries works on a supply voltage of 110/120 V, 1-Ph or 200/220 V, 3-Ph. Depending upon the type of equipment, Step up/ step down transformers can be supplied in both auto wound type or isolated type. Similarly, step up or booster transformers are supplied for the areas, where the supply voltage is usually very low.

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Step Up and Step down Transformer Manufacturer in Jaipur Rajasthan

Being a Step Up & step down transformer manufacturer in Jaipur, Rajasthan, we are dedicated to providing transformers of excellent quality. With automatic adjustable features, the booster transformers in India are now conveniently available online at Shakti Electronics. We stock a highly dependable transformer for you and ensure all your power supply needs are fulfilled uninterruptedly. With our transformers, you can easily get rid of all the worries of power fluctuation. Power supplies are often unpredictable. However, you don’t have to feel worried about your power supply needs, as booster transformers have come up as a dependable tool that reduces the inconvenience caused by power supplies.

We are the step down transformer manufacturers in India that you can always trust upon. A transformer or a voltage stabilizer is indeed a great way to find reliable solutions to your power supply worries. We make sure you get efficient transformers that ensure no further complaints. Now, browse through our inventory and pick the best model that suits your requirements.