Distribution Transformer

Manufacturer of Distribution Transformer in India

Shakti Electrical Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers of Distribution transformers which ensures optimum product quality. We are the realiable supplier of distribution transformers that come with attractive features such as high voltage capacity, durable life, and high efficiency. Our team of experts is dedicated to serving you the best from the mass production of distribution transformers to the quality of manufactured goods. We understand how difficult it is to deal with power fluctuation and this is why we are here with exceptionally designed distribution transformers that serve your power supply needs in a seamless way.


Distribution Transformer Manufacturing Company in Jaipur Rajasthan

We stand tall among the leading distribution transformer manufacturers for our commitment to delivering quality. With decades of experience, we are manufacturing products with excellence to help our customers achieve timely power support. As an emerging distribution transformer manufacturer in India, we are renowned for providing transformers that are designed to seamlessly meet the individual needs of our customers. If you are looking for a trusted transformer manufacturer in Jaipur Rajasthan look no further.

At Shakti Electrical Corporation, we seek pleasure in providing dependable products at highly competitive pricing. After all, serving our customers’ needs is the only way to strengthen our position in the marketplace. Now, connect with us and grab a great deal on a distribution transformer right away.


Technical Specification


Standard All transformers are designed manufactured and tested as per IS-1180 & IS-2026 (or any other prevailing standard)
Capacity 16 KVA to 2500 KVA
Rated Voltage HV: 33 KV, 11 KV, 6.6 KV or 3.3 KV, LV : 11 KV, 6.6 KV, 3.3 KV or 0.433 KV
Cooling Naturally, oil-cooled (ONAN)
Type Indoor or Outdoor
Conductor Aluminum (up to 500 KVA )/ Copper.
Vector Group Dyn-11 ( or any other group as per requirement)
Connection Terminals LV: Suitable Brass Metal Parts covered with porcelain Bushings up to 400 Kva and Epoxy Moulded Copper Bus - bar type metal part for 500 Kva and above.
Temperature Rise 45 C for oil & 55 C for windings.
Tappings 5 % in steps of 2.5 % (Other ranges also available as per requirement)


Standard Fittings


  • Aluminum plate with transformer details & diagram
  • Oil level indicator ( Flush type )
  • A conservator with an oil filling point
  • Drain point with valve & plug
  • Filter point with valve & plug
  • Thermometer pocket
  • Thermometer ( Dial Type )
  • Lifting hooks (4 Nos )
  • Air release plug
  • Silica Gel Breather
  • Explosion vent pipe
  • Mounting channel
  • Earthing Terminals (2 Nos)
  • Radiators ( Fixed Type )
  • LT Cable Box
  • Unidirectional rollers
  • Bus bar arrangement ( above 315 KVA)
  • HT bushings with arcing horns
  • Inspection Window (250 KVA & above )
  • Additional neutral bushings for connecting to separate earth.


Optional Fittings

  • Winding Temperature Indicator (WTI)
  • Oil Temperature Indicator (OTI)
  • Magnetic oil level Gauge (MOG)
  • Buchholz Relay
  • Detachable Radiators
  • Marshaling Box (500 KVA & above )
  • HT Cable Box
  • Offload type tap changing switch ( Externally operated)
  • On Load Tap Changing Switch (OLTC) with Auto Regulator & RTCC.


Transformer Details


All transformers are designed as per customer specific requirements keeping in mind the stringent requirements of prevailing standards to ensure long & trouble-free working of the transformer,


Transformer Coils are made from paper-covered or super enameled high-quality copper or aluminum conductors of EC grade. Windings are done so as to meet all three fundamental requirements i.e. Mechanical, Electrical & Thermal.

Pressboard washers & spacers rigidly support the winding. Interlayer cooling ducts are provided to ensure that the temperature gradient between winding & oil hense the hot temperature spot is minimized & high life expectancy is achieved.,

Insulation The insulating material is selected keeping in mind its electrical mechanical & thermal properties of it. The principal component of insulation is a pre-fabricated pressboard sheet.
 Core All Transformers are made with firm interleaved low loss cold rolled grain oriented (CRGO) silicon steel laminations with mitered joint design to ensure low losses, low magnetizing current & low noise. Stamping has an insulating material coating on both sides which is oil & heat resistant.
 Tank All tanks are made from hot rolled mild steel plates which are electrically welded. Suitable stiffeners are provided for robust construction. Sufficient cooling radiators made from pressed steel fins or elliptical tubs are provided to maintain the temperature rise within specified limits. All tanks are pressure tested before painting to ensure zero leakage.
 Paint Transformer Tank & all other fabricated items are thoroughly cleaned before painting. The interior of the tank is painted with two coats of oil & heat-resistant zinc chromate primer. It is also applied to the tank exterior before applying two coats of weatherproof very durable anti-corrosive epoxy-based synthetic paint.
 Oil The oil used for insulation, impregnation, and as a coolant complies with IS-335 Every consignment received is thoroughly tested for all parameters like di-electric strength, acidity, resistivity, flash point, etc before use.
 Testing Each Transformer is properly tested for all routine tests as per IS: 2026 with the best of the available testing panel and meters regularly calibrated from approved labs. Any other specific test can be done on the special demand of the customer on the initial agreement.
 After Sales Service Shakti believes in building relations beyond business so special emphasis is given to quality assuring long and trouble-free working of our products. Even then just in case, there is any trouble in the unit our expert service engineer is promptly deputed for rectification of the problem. We have a team of highly skilled and well-trained expect service engineers at your disposal at all times.