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Best Isolation Transformer Manufacturer in India

An isolation transformer is a device that is used to decouple two circuits, the load connected to the output of the Isolation transformer and the input supply. Isolation transformer suppresses electrical noises which occur in the Transmission line because of the other loads connected in parallel.

Shakti Electronics is a reputed isolation transformer manufacturer in Jaipur India. We are offering the best quality isolation transformer provided with Electromagnetic & Electrostatic shielding that blocks the transmission of DC signals from one Circuit to another but allows AC signals to transmit. It also prevents interference caused by the ground loop.

Shakti Electronics – Trusted Isolation Transformer Manufacturers in Jaipur, Rajasthan

The primary purpose of an industrial isolation transformer is to transfer the electrical power from an AC power source to the connected equipment while also isolating the device, mainly due to safety reasons. The isolation transformer separates the power line ground connection, which eliminates ground loops. They suppress high-frequency noise, so they must be made with quality components to provide high-quality solutions. And if that is what you are looking for, then you could not make a better choice than connecting with Shakti Electronics.

We are one of the premier suppliers, exporters, and manufacturers of isolation transformers in India and are the preferred partner for folks looking for isolation transformers. Whether you are looking for isolation transformation for home or industrial use, you could not make a better choice than Shakti Electronics.

Features of Our Shakti Isolation Transformer:

  • Isolation of primary winding and secondary windings.
  • Electromagnetic & Electrostatic shielding.
  • Very Low Coupling Capacitance.
  • Provide isolated neutral.
  • Protects microprocessor-based equipment from dangerous noises and reduces failures.
  • It can be useful where machine earth can’t be used.
  • By Providing a Delta star isolation transformer in 3-ph models, the problem of earth or neutral in the input side is taken care of for the safe operation of the load.
  • It arrests the noises of high frequency and noises generated by using high current MCB, ACB, Induction furnace, or other electromagnetic noises.


Why Choose Shakti Electronics As An Isolation Transformer Manufacturer, Supplier, & Exporter

  • We offer a wide range of isolation transformers, including Single Phase or 3 phase isolation transformers.
  • Our products are priced at highly affordable prices, with a warranty offering on every product in our isolation transformer line
  • Isolation transformers offered are made with the finest materials to ensure that our customers are delighted with the solution
  • We provide bespoke solutions to customers, suited for their isolation transformer working requirement
  • A customer support helpline for one to reach out to for any queries they might have.

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