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Isolation Transformer Manufacturer in India


An isolation transformer is a device which is used to decouple two circuits, the load connected to the output of Isolation transformer and to the input supply. Isolation transformer suppresses electrical noises which occur in the Transmission line, because of the other loads connected in parallel.

Shakti isolation transformer provided with Electromagnetic & Electrostatic shielding block transmission of DC signals from one Circuit to other but allows AC signal to transmit. It also prevents interference caused by ground loop.

Few Features of Shakti Isolation Transformer are:


  • Isolation of primary winding and secondary windings.
  • Electromagnetic & Electrostatic shielding.
  • Very Low Coupling Capacitance.
  • Provide isolated neutral.
  • Protects micro processor based equipment from dangerous noises and reduces failures.
  • Can be useful where machine earth can’t be used.
  • By Providing Delta star isolation transformer in 3-ph models, the problem of earth or neutral in the input side is taken care for the safe operation of the load.
  • It arrest the noises of high frequency and noises generated by the usage of high current MCB,ACB, Induction furnace or other electro magnetic noises.