linear types stabilizer

3-Phase Linear/Roller Types Servo Regulator

We are manufacturing Industrial type Automatic Voltage Regulators (Stabilizers) using the differential wound Vertical Roller Type Regulators. LINEAR TYPE Plus/Minus Heavy Duty Regulator is manufactured with rollers rolling on both sides of the coil. The size of the conductor used is much more than that used in conventional design regulators. Being +/- type, the same winding is used for boosting the voltage on one side and bucking the voltage on the other side of the regulator. So the rating of the regulator required is much less than that of the conventional design regulator.

The losses of differential wound linear regulator are lesser than the conventional type regulator and due to heavy section of copper used in our regulator, overall size is more and practically the losses of our servo voltage regulator are much lesser than the conventional type of regulator. As per the Regulator design, the regulator is technically OUT OF CIRCUIT, when the input voltage is LOWEST/HIGHEST as per the voltage range of the stabilizer while in stabilizer with conventional brush type regulators, the regulator is in the circuit and losses are maximum at LOWEST/HIGHEST voltage as per the range of the stabilizer.


CORE: The core is constructed from low loss, cold-rolled, grain-oriented, annealed laminations of electrical sheet steel conforming to the latest standards using grade M4 laminations for the minimum no-load losses.

WINDINGS: Regulator Coils are wounded with 4PC paper layer covered copper strip for better insulation. The X-section area of the Electrolytic Grade copper strip used is much higher to give the highest quality with minimum losses for the entire running life of the equipment.

RADIATORS: Cooling is provided to keep the hot spot temperature as low as possible for higher working efficiency and for all the years with the lowest temperature rise even on full load conditions.

TANKS & PAINTS: The enclosure/tanks are made of M.S. steel plates/sheets of 3 mm thickness with adequate stiffeners. All the external and internal surfaces are given a primary coat of Epoxy primer and a finishing coat of Epoxy paint for a better life.

OIL: Oil is properly tested for resistivity, dielectric and acidic characteristics conforming to IS 335. Before topping up oil is filtered thoroughly. We use HT grade 11 VK oil even for the LT equipment for better dielectric strength and high flash point.